Monday, September 27, 2010


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Transparency:  Ending Corruption, Waste and Mismanagement

The city needs a budget that is both accessible and understandable, and the Aldermanic budgets should be held to the same standards. 

Devon Reid is calling for regular audits that take a look at every dime of spent taxpayer money, not only to affirm that it's being spent in the right places but, to make sure that you and the city paid a fair price for what was done. A detailed budget, open to the public is one of the best possible tools to combat waste and corruption. 


Chicago crime is a complex issue calling for a complex resolution requiring far more than simply dispatching more police on city streets. As Alderman, Reid will work closely with anti-gang organizations to curtail gang presence in our ward and in our city. 

Additionally, Reid acknowledges that one of the most essential anti-gang tools in the community's possession is a greater focus on education and economic development. 

Devon Reid will put sweeping legislation on the table that will especially discipline students repeatedly suspended for gang and violence related issues. He respects the pressing need for more programs geared towards these youth to help them get back on track and more programs that start an early respect for the law by targeting elementary aged kids. 

Although told several times that an insufficient number of options exist to keep our young people off the streets, Devon Reid determined to create free programs throughout the ward to educate and entertain the community's youth. 

Furthermore, Reid plans to spend every free moment creating jobs in the ward to solve the deficiency of economic resources, one of the largest and yet most overlooked causes of criminal activity.

Fiscal Responsibility and TIF Regulation.
Money needs to be distributed fairly and evenly around Chicago, focusing particularly on area's that need it most. In the event of a budget crisis (such as the one currently happening) it is IMPERATIVE that portions of TIF be returned to the regular tax body.

Every year, the TIF raises approximately $500 to $700 million. The city's budget deficit is currently an approximate $655 million, It takes no rocket science, let alone financial expertise, to realize that the budget could be easily balanced simply by the reallocation of at least a portion of TIF's money.

Additionally, Devon Reid for any money not used by the end of any fiscal year to be allocated back into the general tax body.

I want true reserves to be set up to compensate for constrictions and deficiencies in the budget, in contrast to the city's current shortsighted strategy of selling off public assets, an unquestionably irresponsible approach used by Chicago for far too long.

Affordable Housing
If elected, Devon Reid will support using 20% of all TIF money to build more affordable housing as part of our unalienable - and currently unsatisfied - need to take care of our low and medium income residents.

Homeless/Mentally Ill Care
Sadly, few programs are in place to help keep the mentally ill and homeless safe, fed and well-sheltered, and programs needed to rehabilitate and rejuvenate this vulnerable population of our city are needed more than ever.

In addition to implementing such programs, Reid is also in adamant favor of providing sufficient medication to the mentally disabled population, which will in turn increase our workforce, reduce our dependency ratio, and ultimately make them more productive members of society. The homeless and mentally ill are, like all others, a part of our community, and should be treated accordingly.

Job Creation
Businesses need to be rewarded for hiring more workers, particularly in the form of tax breaks, and as Alderman, Devon Reid will introduce bills that will reward companies hiring over a predetermined quota of workers over any calendar year.

Reid also wants to expand commercial areas by working closely with business owners, helping to aesthetically enhance our shopping districts, and attract new business. Reid plans on hiring a business expert to help create local jobs and to assist local business owners with anything they may need to keep afloat and running. However, such is not a long-term strategy, and Reid acknowledges the pressing need for the creation of such a strategy once in office.

A Better Education for all City Residents.
One of the easiest ways for children to earn a better education is to promote better communication between teachers, students, parents, administrations, and government bodies. In fact, the cooperation of these bodies to devise a more effective means of communication, without excessively stressing the city budget, is both feasible, and imperative. However, it must be noted that many hurdles will be faced in order for this to be accomplished.

In addition, Devon Reid calls for the moving away from society's habitual blaming of teachers for "underachieving" schools. While in some cases the teacher is to blame, new laws holding accountable students, parents and even the government, are needed as well.

And of course, as cannot be stressed enough, schools need more money; unused money collected by TIFs must go back to the general budget, in turn providing real money for school development.

This money needs to be invested into smart classes, which will not only provide teachers with a plethora of resources to work with, but also provide students with a more interactive learning environment, which, in Reid's learning experience, resonates more with the student, and reduces hours spent reiterating the same lesson.

If elected, Devon Reid will demand that the 26th Ward be a part of the new recycling program that will replace the ineffective Blue Bag program.  This new program can take on many forms, but in addition to any potential method a grassroots education system concerning the benefits of recycling must be implemented. 

Reid sees no sense in budget cuts for recycling, which actually cost the city more in the long run.  Instead, a comprehensive overhaul of our waste pickup system will benefit the city for years to come.

Chicago elected officials
Devon Reid says "No more!" to regime-like power structures, with outrageous mayoral salaries. Instead, we need easier ballot access. We need to lower signature requirements for mayor and set a standard amount for alderman (around 120). Simply put, easier ballot access and more straightforward politics (with higher standards for each election) yield better politicians.

Lower Property Taxes
Lowering property taxes will help the housing market. If taxes are lowered enough, and sufficient tax breaks are given where appropriate, people can and will be encouraged to buy homes, and raise Chicago's desirability in the housing market.

Feral Cats and Dogs in the 26th Ward
The issue of animals within the ward may not be a "hot button", but is close to Reid's heart as a pet owner, and an issue Reid has yet to see any other candidate mention. 

Not only are starving animals heartbreaking to watch, if left unattended they could be highly problematic for the ward. Some of these animals can pose a threat to our children and frankly to us. Lets get these pets a home.

Lets be honest: some Aldermen are hard if not impossible to reach. If elected, Devon Reid will be accessible to the public.

Contact Devon via "Facebook" , phone (847) 749-7968, Email ( and of course, his office. 

Reid will hold ward nights that will be for you and your issues not developers and their latest pitch ( familiar to all people who have attended a ward night). His office will work at your speed, not vice versa, and he vows to respond in a timely manner.  If elected, Devon's office or a satellite will be open every day to handle all of your concerns.

Lets stop lining the pockets of City Hall officials with your hard earned money.

If you have any questions, feel free to email Devon ( or send him a message on Facebook.

 Devon Reid